Boards have always been more than just a piece of wood - they're a canvas. A canvas that rides the streets, graces the parks, and tells a story with every flip, turn, and slide.

From being a kid on a skateboard, with dreams of opening an indoor skatepark and a dedicated skate shop, to living on a mountain and snowboarding every day, the journey with riding has always been fuelled by passion and ambition.

The vision for BOARDS.wtf became clearer with the support of a nouncil community grant, enabling the launch of an awesome deck design contest, celebrating and compensating artists for their creativity.

BOARDS.wtf isn't just another brand; it's a movement and the realisation of a dream. A movement that seamlessly blends art with the thrill of riding, ensuring every design stands out. This art often finds inspiration in Nouns, Gnars and Alps, frequently featuring the iconic noggles. These square glasses, which originated with Nouns, have since been adopted and adapted by various communities, each adding its unique flair.

The role of BOARDS.wtf in this movement spans various facets: creating, collecting, collaborating, and curating. Every effort is directed towards ensuring that each board is not just a ride, but a canvas that tells a vivid story of artistry, passion, and the deep love for skateboarding, snowboarding and the cultures they represent.

When it's time to bring these designs to life, we collaborate with some of the best in the industry! All skateboards are:

  • Crafted from 100% Canadian Maple: The epitome of wood quality for skateboards.
  • Originated in Canada: Sourced directly from the heartland of pristine Canadian Maple, ensuring uncompromised quality.
  • Digitally Printed in Denver, Colorado: Each graphic is meticulously printed and hand-applied, using a unique Digital Heat Transfer process.

Join the vision. Elevate your riding experience and make a statement!